Plumbing in Sterling VA: Fair Dollar Plumbing *ALERT*

Unlicensed, then FIRED from job for workmanship.


This is a matter of public record.

BTW:  Despite his claims to the contrary, according to the State of Virginia, neither Tully Tavares or  Fair Dollar Plumbing  is currently licensed in the State of Virginia .  Not for the last several years.

"If I wouldn't do it to my mom..."


 Plumbing in Sterling VA,  Drain Cleaning Sterling, VA

From their YELP page.

"We are you neighbor, your friend and do the job correctly the first time."

"If I won't do it to Mom's house, I won't do it to yours!" 

 Wow.  I hope his momma never needs a nut tightened. 

She might be left alone on a Friday night w/o  a functioning sink, dishwasher or disposal.

 All when all that Tully Tavares of Fair Dollar was tasked to do was  tighten a loose nut.

An unbiased YELP review.


  • Ramakrishna N.
  • Ashburn, VA
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6/15/2016 I called for basement sump pump repair,
He said I will check give you estimate and came to my house and said $50 service fees which he did not told me on the phone.
he did not get the tools and he is lazy to get the  tools from the truck parked on the street and asked me to borrow the tools from me and he did not put glouse on and he does not know how to open the sump pump plate initially. With out ask my permission he went upstairs to wash hands even thought there is bath room in basement, I did not like it. He did not do any repair and he charged.
I did not like it and I do not it recommend for anyone. "

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  • Ryan V.
  • Sterling, VA
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6/1/2016   Updated review Called 'Tully' out to source a drain blockage.  He used MY OWN tools to source the blockage, damaging the pipe in the process, and recommended I fix it myself.  He proceeded to sit in my home chat about his past lifestyle of drug use.  When he finally started to leave he charged $200 for 15 minutes of work.  I would NOT recommend. 

Yet Another YELP review



  • Partha S.
  • Dunn Loring, VA
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6/3/2013 Avoid this one completely!! Complete ripp off!!! Had couple of issues in my bathrooms with the showver & bath tub vaulves. In one the spout had to be replaced and the other one the catridge. This one was referred to by the home warranty company. First he got late and didn't even call to tell me. I had to call him and then to find out he was another 1.5hrs from getting to my place. When he got here, he told me to fix one of the issues he had to cut the dry wall behind the barthroom. This hourly rate was $175/hr and it would take 3-4hrs to fix both the issues. So with parts and labor around $1000!!!! The warranty company who sent this person balked at the number and asked me to go and get my own plumber. The person I got, completed the entire work WITHOUT having to cut any dry wall and in less than 1hrs. For parts & labor I paid approx $300!!!

So, please stay away from this company

Your neighbors are warning you...



5/29/2016  Previous review

Called 'Fair Dollar Plumbing' to fix a drainage problem. 'Tully' showed up at our home and used our personal tools to investigate the problem and later recommended we fix it ourselves. In the processes of investigating the issue he damaged a pipe beyond repair. He proceeded to linger around our home telling odd stories of past drug use. Tully charged $200 for 15 minutes worth of work. Would not recommend. Read less 

Plumbing in Sterling, VA, NOT

Drain Cleaning in Sterling, VA,  NOT

Plumbing in Ashburn, VA, NOT

Plumbing in Herndon, NOT

Fair Dollar Plumbing ***ALERT***

Fair Dollar Plumbing


I should have reviewed the unrecommended YELP reviews.  So should you!