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"Had a call first day my truck was on the road after lettering that ended up in a 30K [job]."

W. L. Vorheis , Vorhies Plumbing & Heating

6/29/2017 Great work! Had a call first day my truck was on the road after lettering  that ended up in a 30K plumbing renovation....Worth every penny! 

Reliable Para Transport

7/14/2017 Took our vehicle for lettering and Master Graphics did an amazing job and I think they are the best in this business. Patrick, you and your team are the best and I will definitely recommend you to all my associate's. Reliable Para Transit is proud to do business with you

Tim Whistler Plumbing & Heating

6/29/2017  Pat and his team were excellent to work with and we are really pleased with the results! Pat was responsive, clear in pricing, creative with the looks and offers a great product - we have the trucks I had envisioned, but didn't know how to create! I received several quotes and we are really glad we went with Master Graphics, as they are design professionals offering a superior product to other companies.Since we have service trucks, they were also able to letter our trucks in one-day,allowing the trucks to get right back into service. I highly recommend Master Graphics!

Name Your Price Mover  Rockville, MD

1/24/2017 This company very professional, local and no nonsense. We have been doing a business with Mr. Patrick about six months and we couldn't have been more satisfied.

Richard K.

Rockville, MD

8/8/2016 I stop by Master Graphics, hopping that Patrick still had the logo for the business and to my surprise he did!  It had been more than 10 years since I use his business, I was very empresses with his help and for all the information that he was able to give me, even though I did not have all the measurements that he need it. I highly recommend Master Graphics.  it was a  pleasure working with somebody that wanted to help me, rather than  just turn away  or who would want to charge me more for the art work.  He even emailed me the logo so I can have other work done.  Other places, I would have had to paid for the art work.

Omid S.  Custom Carpet & Floors

7/1/2016 I had an excellent experience working with Master Graphics. Incredible service, price and really professional. Strongly recommend this business

Jim Monsma, Second Chance Wildlife Center

Gaithersburg, MD

6/30/2016 Master Graphics is always speedy, competent, helpful, and friendly.  And their prices are surprisingly low.  If you need signs, this is place is your best bet

already working on our next project!!

Patti L., Scapers Landscaping

Silver Spring, MD

6/7/2016 We just used master graphics to add a new Scapers Landscaping logo and design to our truck and it looks fantastic!!! It was an intricate design and they pulled it off with ease. They did an exceptional job from start to finish. We would definitely use them again!!

Michael R.

Potomac, MD

4/8/2016   Updated review Once again Master Graphics and Pat Ireland comes through.  We spent days agonizing on reworking layout, retooling, changing colors, etc. internally. Finally, we send a final proof to Master Graphics and Pat makes it all worth it by accepting our final proof and turning it around in a matter of hours...and on a Friday afternoon as well.  Awesome customer service and the finished product is second to none.

Mj Z., St. Raphael's Church and School

Potomac, MD

3/26/2016  St. Raphael School and St. Raphael Parish have used Master Graphics on a number of occasions. Pat Ireland and his team are just the best. They have created beautiful signage for our annual golf tournament, banners for the school, and more--and often on little notice. It is a pleasure working with Master Graphics.

Donald M

Arlington, VA

9/20/2015 Master Graphics seems to do a huge volume of business with big customers, but each time I go in, I'm treated as if I am the only customer. I've used them several times and they are  the greatest for me and my the small business jobs.

John S., Sales Up, VIenna

3/26/2014 We are a small advertising agency and frequently use roadside banners for promotional purposes. It is my job to vend out the banner printing and I am pleased to say that Master Graphics has reliably printed our banners for going on ten years. I cannot say enough about the competence of this outfit. They are fast, accurate, and competitively priced. Preflight support is outstanding. Not only do I get sound advice on the occasional technical issue, but more than once it has been Master Graphics that caught a typo or graphic glitch on one of our banners. That's going above and  beyond the call  of duty, and we appreciate it greatly. Another thing I can say is that this vendor is always thinking ahead. One time we had banners printed for two different but similarly named shopping centers. When time came to hand off the banners to our installation contractor, Master Graphics spontaneously raised the figurative red flag, forewarning the installer not to confuse the banners. I myself had not thought to do so. Ultimately, both jobs went off without a hitch and probably would have anyway; but having someone on our side like that is invaluable. I highly recommend Master Graphics for banner and vinyl printing.

Samantha S.

Chevy Chase, MD

3/26/2014 I love this company.

I have been in business 38 years and I would say he is the best of the best in price, quality, delivery time and design

David P.

Silver Spring, MD

3/11/2014 I've worked with Pat going on 20 years- through thick and thin he's a guy that always figures out ways to get the job done and get it done right without blowing the budget. The best thing is that his experience gives you options from handmade, back in the day product up to the latest technology and everything in between. There aren't that many shops around like that anymore.

Danny L., Turnkey Properties

Rockville, MD

3/7/2014 Master Graphics has been taking care of our business printing needs for many years. 

They do great work in a timely and cost effective manner.  Over the years we have had site signs made, vans lettered and banners made there.

Keep up the good work and we will see you again soon.

Alan R.   Great British Pine Mine

Kensington, MD

3/7/2014 Master Graphics have done the signage on two of my vans and have made 24' long signs as well as several small ones for my store in Kensington Maryland.  The signs are beautiful, eye-catching, and very well-priced and the installation on my building is first cl888888888888

3/7/2014 Always helpful. Always on time. We have never had any issues and have had signs and banners made by them since 2005. They always have done excellent work for us 

Dina C.

Gaithersburg, MD

3/7/2014 Working for Boland Services, a commercial HVAC company, we are always in need of signs and lettering of our large fleet of trucks.  Pat and his crew the are best!   We've been using them for over 20 years! They have and continue to do a great job in a quick and efficient manner.  I highly recommend Master Graphics!

Dug D. ,  Ourisman Rockville

3/7/2014 These guys are the best!  Pat is a pleasure to work with and get our needs done in a timely order.

I recommend Master Graphics

Chris Handy Real Estate

Gaithersburg, MD

3/7/2014 I have been using Master Graphics for the past 5 years and have always been happy with their work and the prices! The Owner and staff are always available and the personal service is great!

George T.,  Montgomery County Road Runners

Potomac, MD

3/5/2014 This is the place for signs.  No frills and no flashy store fronts.  Just great service, reasonable prices, and excellent quality.  

Devar B.

Potomac, MD 3/5/2014 Master Graphics has been the go-to graphics supplier for our church for many years.  Signs and Banners have been the primary products.  MG is fast and reasonably priced.  Pat is the

Echo Electric, Kensington, MD

3/5/2014 We've been using Master Graphics to letter our trucks for over 20 years. Pat has always been very helpful when we tweaked the logo design and turned the truck around quickly so we could get it on the road. His prices are reasonable and the graphics weather well for years. We've had many compliments on the looks of our Echo Electric trucks. You can always count of them to come through for you!

Rob M. owner, chief salesman and designer.  If you have a graphics problem, he can help you solve it.  Give him a try

Bruce B., Echo Electric   

Kensington, MD

For the past ten years Pat and his team have done the graphics for all of our trucks, and they have done an incredible job. I have had customers say how classy our trucks look, and that our trucks were recognizable from 6 blocks away. You can't pay enough for that type of advertising, and Master Graphics prices are very reasonable.

Dana S.

Potomac, MD

3/5/2014 Hopkins & Porter, a remodeling company of 37 years has often used Master Graphics for almost as long.  Patrick is great to work with.  All the other Yelp reviews are true.  It's hard to think of any more positive things to say, but there aren't any negatives.  Personal service, great quality, good prices, fast turn around.  The owner listens to and cares about what his client wants.  What can be better?

Debi D.

Potomac, MD

3/5/2014 I've known this company for over 20 years, and I've never been disappointed.  Complicated job?  No worries, Master Graphics is the ultimate in problem solving, and at the right price.  You deal directly with the owner, Pat, and he always does good work - and fast - truly a great value!

Adam L.

Washington, DC

3/5/2014 As a property manager we use Master Graphics for signs and other materials for our clients.  Their prices are unbeatable and their service and turnaround time have always been impeccable.  I highly recommend Master Graphics!

Donna R.

Waldorf, MD

3/5/2014 We've been working with Pat Ireland and Master Graphics for many years.  In addition to being great business partners and people, they always provide quality service and products.  No matter how big or small the job,  they are responsive to all our needs!!


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