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How It Works

You pay $0.00 down.  You answer a half-dozen questions,  and provide us with a few pictures.  From there, we take over.

We secure you an acceptable website name (depending on availability) and annual hosting.  This part you pay for.  The name typically costs you about $10/year, and the hosting about $120/year.  These are the only upfront costs you incur. They are also the ONLY recurring costs. 

The website will be fully interactive (this means it will fit on your phone, tablet, or desktop monitor equally nicely.  

Upon completion of the web site (live) we accept feedback and make suggested changes.  

Only when you are satisfied do you pay the agreed-upon amount. If after a year,   you don't feel you've made money from the site, we remove the site and  refund you your money (except hosting fees).  You still own the name of the website (since you paid for it, but not the content of the site (which was refunded to you) which is removed.

You only get deals like this with our 

Web site design by a local website builder in Rockville, Gaithersburg & Bethesda. 


Search Engine Optimization is of incredible importance.  I cannot tell you the scores of websites I have seen which don't appear high in Search, because they are not properly SEO'd.  We choose our keywords carefully.  We put <alt> text behind every picture.  We include dozens of internal links, dozens of outbound links,  and we guarantee at least a dozen in-bound external links.  We can make this guarantee because we control about a dozen web sites, and always link them back-and-forth (except direct competitors)-  a true win-win.


One-time charge, and you're done.

5 or ten page web pages, fully functional and fully SEO'd.

Typically cost about $1200.

Monthly Fees: $0.00

 Lots of developers have monthly "maintenance fees."  They claim they  are doing something every month.  Our web sites are done when we deliver them. 

Google changes ranking parameters.  We monitor your site and make sure it is up-to-date, but we don't expect you to pay us every month for a 5-minute look-see and occasional minor alterations.

Web Site Design in Gaithersburg

Web Site Development

Interestingly, if you enter in your browser:

They all end up at the same home page, with no additional hosting charges!

Fully SEO'd.  #1 of Google's page 1 as I write this (1/23/2019)

Web Site Development
Web Site Management

About 30 extra unindexed pages (mainly towns they service).

They are all linked to the home page, so they are not orphaned, and all look too similar to bring to the viewer's attention- but Google likes to see what cities are serviced- and not just in a list.

SEO Websites
Web Site Production

We lettered five of his trucks- after he got a $30k job on the first day from the first truck. 

We did this site on spec, and he decided it was a keeper.

Who can make me a website?

Web Sites near me.

 The second week, this was #3 on the FIRST page (1/23/2019), per Google.

What page on you on?  Check the dashboard of your host's service page.

This page has since expired, but we can show you it as it was on request.

Website Creation

Website development

According to google, this web site has always been on the first page.  It's been maybe six months, and just hangs in there.

Website for handyman.

Web site Creation
SEO for web sites.

You really should look at the structure and layout of this site.  Concise design, hits ALL the services high points. 

SEO & Web Sites in Gaithersburg

Web Site Design in Gaithersburg

Web Site Design in Rockville

Rockville Websites.
Rockville Web Sites

(This web site is in progress)

Alt Text for Web Site Pictures

Web Site creation.

After we did his trailer, we did this web site on spec.   Yes, it is bilingual, and auto-translates to Spanish.

But it is fairly simple (one of the smallest we have ever done).  He sells used tires.  Can't make too much of that.

Web Site Designer

Web Site company.

Highest-ranking sites on Google created 

+for about $1000.  Lots of pages for the same low price.  Lots of Links and Keywords Fully SEO'd, no additional charges!

Web Sites with logos

Web Sites for cheap.  FAST web sites
Links & SEO Websites

Fully SEO'd.  With dozens of legitimate links, and dozens more backlinks from sister sites we have created.

Champion Plumbers

Web site development,
Web sites in Rockville
Web sites new
Cheap web site

In less than two weeks, for $1200, we made this website.  Has 25 pages and is FULLY SEO'd for their target area and services!

When we made the logo, we put it on two of his vans and a pickup truck for our standard rates.  Also sent him the art electronically for his T-Shirts

Web Site Creation.

Web Sites Fast & Cheap

Discount Websites.

They do autobody and auto painting.  In two weeks, with nothing down, we knocked out the entire website- including the logo design.  We also provided him with the artwork for a business card layout and even helped him order them from the internet.  Window Lettering tomorrow, and signs due next week!

More websites




Web Site Design in Maryland


New Logo Designed.

  Van Lettered (see below).

 Web Site created.

The entire package was UNDER $1000. And still has a money-back guarantee on the website!



Web Sites Made in Maryland!

These hardworking people cater special events, and specialize in Mexican food!

Ojeda Brothers


Your website here

Rockville Web Site Creation

a $1000 web site that pays for itself over and over again.

Your website here

We did their van as well as their website!

Your website here


Linked to your new home page!

We did their van as well as their website!

We did their van as well as their website!

We did their van as well as their website!

Montgomery County WebSite Development

We also designed their logo, gratis, in 15 minutes in front of them.  Now it is on their new website, business cards, etc.

Display their FAQs

We did their van as well as their website!

We did their van as well as their website!


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.