Case Studies: Logo Design in Rockville by Master Graphics!

Custom Logo Design

Quality Air

The yellow is meant to suggest airflow- these guys clean ductworks, dryer vents, etc., using giant truck-mounted vacuums.

Logo Design by Master Graphics

Kash King

Note the hair- this iconic graphic (designed by us) is Don King's older brother- "Kash" King.

Van Lettering

Crystal Air

Besides crossing the "A," the red swoosh accents the name and suggest airflow.

The Sign Shop of Kensington

O'Connor Heating & Plumbing

Rather than the usual pipe wrench and water droplet, we wanted to make the    name  memorable.

So we played off the Irish feature- Irish Green lettering, and shamrocks.


Signs NOW Rockville

One of my personal favorites

This logo is available.  This company was just  two guys and a truck. They wrecked the truck. They closed the business, so the concept is available

Signs 360.  Signs by Tomorrow

Custom Iconic Logo

They do lawn maintenance.  Is the yellow object a lawn mower blade? The sun?  An edger blade?  In any case, it is interesting.

Original Custom Logo

We're waiting for you!

We're waiting for you!


"New Age"  : The yellow ball suggest the sun, the three lines below the name suggest that the sun is rising.  LIke the dawning of a "new age.;"

We're waiting for you!

We're waiting for you!

We're waiting for you!

Custom Logos

Logos, Designs, etc. frequently done as a no-cost item as part of a lettering job.

Logo Design in Bethesda 

Master Graphics in Bethesda

Logo Design in Rockville

Logo from a scribble!

We're waiting for you!

Logo from a scribble!


This guy brought in a VERY crude drawing.  He spoke minimal English.

Walked out with a LETTERED VAN, a nice logo, a few table top signs, and change from his $600.

Do ya think he was happy?